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Help Ollie go to the Future STEM Leaders program!

My son, Oliver has been invited to a STEM leadership camp in Atlanta Georgia. He went from at the start of the school year being a troublemaker child to an excellent student, not only getting straight As but also moved to gifted advanced placement classes.

A few months ago his teacher recommended him to go to the camp which is an invite only learning camp where he gets to do some cool stuff. The camp starts June 27th and goes to July 2nd. The deadline for us to basically pay by his arrival. When he came home with news that the teacher told him, he asked if this could be his birthday present this year.

Hi, I'm Ollie's mom Kristin. Ollie's had a rollercoaster of a year, not including the part where everyone's had a bad year with Covid! While virtual learning was rough, Ollie really struggled once he was back in live-learning the most. He couldn't focus on anything long enough to get any work done properly. He'd forget what he was working on and got in trouble a lot because of that, alienating his fellow students in the process. At my wits end I took him to a doctor who diagnosed his ADHD and prescribed him ritalin. As a grown up who's been on meds my whole life for ADHD, this was a tough choice. But what happened next validated that choice. Within a month he was a straight-A student and being put in the gifted program. He went from being one of the worst students to one of the best almost instantaneously.

Within another month he was being nominated to attend an exclusive nomination-only summer program called the National Youth Leadership Forum's Pathways to STEM. It's an amazing program that teaches leadership in exceptional children and has seminars for being doctors and dissecting things, crime scene investigators and solving a crime, and engineers building robots.

The only problem with this amazing opportunity is it costs over 2500 dollars and that's a bit out of reach for us... As there are many people that know and love Ollie and what an amazing and special kid he is, I am hoping some of you might be willing to assist us in this endeavor and fund the next future Steve Jobs! (Or whatever other amazing role model he chooses!)


Love all you guys and hugs from me and Ollie!☺️

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