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My Thoughts On The New Champions And What Their Purposes Are

First off is the frag summon, ruel the Huntmaster, looking at his skills he has an a1 that has a 65%nchance of placind decrease defense and oh my what is this hes situational based on targets having hex? By the gods! And what it adds is like a weak lyssandra debuff transfer.

His a2 is an aoe that places an extra hit if the target has hex, and if 4 or more hex debuffs are out, each hit ignores 25% defense.

His a3 gives every ally increase accuracy then every enemy hex. He also gives himself a perfect veil buff for 3 turns and boosts his turn meter by 50%.

For that being his setup ability, its actually solid. He wont be targeted due to perfect veil, and his turn meter is high enough he only needs half a turn to do wha hes prepating for. It also buffs allies so he isn't a selfish champion, furthermore the buff comes out before he places hex and increases the chance of landing it on high res targets.

He also has a passive that males enemies with hex debuffs have 5% less speed, 10 less resist, recieve 30% oess healing and take 10% more damage.

All in all, he seems decently solid... but base defense and max hp makes him die from a solid flick.

Now for the one ive been excited for, Helior!

First off his stats are quite solid, with roughly 18.5k hp, 1542 defense, 95 speed, 57% crit damage(on a defense champ? Nicely done plarium!) And 50 resist/accuracy.

His a1 is probably the best of all the champs whos a1s boost their defense. On a critical hit it boosts his defense by 5% and stacks to 20%(Awhole lot with his insane base defense)

When hes stacked his defense up, he heals by 75% of his defense on this attack.

Since his defense is boosted by a significant chunk, this mrans he heals for nearly his whole defense stat each time he uses his a1. Its not huge unless used under increase defense.

Now for his a2, an aoe that shields every ally by 20% of the damage dealt for 2 turns.

First off, sweet, a 3 turn aoe that does buffs too.

Second, its nice to see an defense champ other than soulless do this, and soulless is selfish and only shields himself, Helior is generous and gives his allies a shield. Having a defense champ instead of hp champ slightly improves the chance of his shield not breaking on him due to him taking outright less damage.

Also, hes force affinity, no other aoe shield based on damage champ is force affinity, so now he could work for spider.

Now, for the good shit. The absolute drug to anyone who likes cleansers and lyssandra's a1.

Transfers all debuffs on all allies to a target enemy and uses his base skill.

Converts resistance into accuracy for this attack.

That sentence above makes this skill 2 times better.

You can use accuracy on him. Bit this is his onky debuffing ability, so why not build him with a crapton of resist instead of both and boost his ithet stats with that spare gear? Also, he usrs his a1 after so you can use this to build his defense boost or heal him a small bit.

It would be good onna 5 turn cooldown but with 2 books it becomes a 3 turn cooldown.

What. That means its a full team cleanse, debuffs one enemy heavily, requires resist or accuracy so you dont need to waste accuracy on his only debuffing skill, and it then throws out his a1 to heal him.

His passive makes him take 30% of the damage of allies u der 2 or more debuffs, a solid suuport ability that isn't terrible since his max hp is quite high.

And finally he has a 60 resist in all battles aura.

His base resist is 50. The aura is 60... if hes a team lead he has 110 free resist that functions as his accuracy without any gear.

Also him having 57% base crit damage will make his shields larger bu a small amount.

Overall very solid champ who I'd use dang near every because fuck me i need a cleanser and shield champ.

Where would this guy be useful?

Spider obviously, the aoe shield like mm, the cleanse that places all the debuffs on a target enemy? Yep, hes also positive affinity.

Dragon places weaken, poison and dec atk on its skills. Reflecting each poison, a dec atk and weaken? Hell yes, and hes neutral affinity.

Ice golem adds place dec def and real reduction. The boss also places dec acc. Placing thise debuffs wpuld be sweet against the boss and since there are adds, he can get a sizeable shield before the slam. Hes also positive affinity.

Due to his debuff transfer he would actually wreck the void keep boss with all the poisons.

Fire knight is his weakest area since all he brings is the ability to reflect the decrease speed

He would be VERY good in nether spider since removing all the poisons and placing them on the spider would be very good to mitigate taken damage and improve yours. Hes also positive affinity, so can take weak hits from the spider and avoid poisons.

In doom tower waves he would be solid due to his cleanse and shield.

He has a cleanse and solid aoe that shields so he could be of use to some of you in arena. Very much less a situational champ than ruel.

Finally onto the epics, starting with gorlos hellmaw.

First off, his stats Y I K E S 12.7k hp, 1.3k atk and 1.1k defense. You could breath on this guy and murder him.

Anyways to his skills, his a1 is a double hitter that boosts his turn meter based on if the target has certain debuffs. Quite situational.

His a2 is an aoe decrease defense, basic but necessary since his faction only has allure for dec def, and its weak anyways. So as much as it sucks yall will have to use this guy most likely.

Finally his a3, he aytacks one enemy and places an hp burn and dec accuracy. If the attack is critical boost his turn meter by 20%.

Actually decent a3 for boss fights.

Next is a new dwarf, bringing their faction count to 40, geomancer!

First off this guy has an aoe a1 that has a 40% chance of placing decrease accuracy. That is a huge yes since it immediately males him pretty good in stun set.

Next is his a2 where he will remove all buffs from a target then attack. If the tsrgey has hp burn he steals the buffs instead.

He is attack based too, so the next part is nice to hear, decreases the cooldown of his next skill by 2 turns of he kills an enemy under an hp burn debuff placed... by him. Siuational but strong if this is done.

Next is said a3, fullly depletes a targets turn meter and fills his turn meter by the the amount the target loses. When booked will place a 25% weaken and hp burn debuff for 3 turns. This goes well with his a2 since it sets up the skill to be used to its fullest and if the target has a high tm, basically grants an extra turn while the target loses a turn. The weaken also makes the target take more damage.

Has a passive that reduces tue damage all allies tske by 15% and deflects it onto any enemy u der hp burn that this champion places. This champion deflects 30% damage instead.

Overall situational but sounds very fun!

Finally onto the new shadowkin epics, starting with a clan bosss specialist, hotatsu! . A1 that has a chance to place leech. Solid.

A2 aoe that has a chance if placing dec atk. Solid.

A3 increase defense for 2 turns and continuous heal 1 turn... on a 3 turn cooldown. Pretty strong actually.

Also had a 25% defense in all battles aura.

Overall solid but not the absolute best epic for cb, like ghrush, having leech on a def champ is very good.

Next is chani

A1 has a small chance of placing poison sensitivity. Tomb lords/bad el kazaars new wife anyone?

A2 Places an increase acc and increase atk buff for 2 turns and places hp burns if the attack is critical.

A3: attacks all enemies and extends all debuff durations by 1 turn. Solid ability.

Has a passive that makes her immune to dec accuracy debuffs and gain a tiny fraction of crit rate for each point of acc she has.

Overall interesting kit and decent.

Next is burangiri who looks like a fat leathery metal headed blue fire goku haired wrestler. In other words, unusual but cool.

A1 has a decent provoke chance.

A2 is an aoe with a 60% stun chance. Put this giy in lifesteal and he could turn around a fight alone with this.

A3 is 25% strengthen buff on all allies and 15% shield buff on allies below 50% hp.

Fairly solid kit.

Next Is a void epic, genbo the dishonored

His a1 is a double hitter that steals increase attack buffs and has a 50% chance on each hit to steal a random buff.

The increase atk stealing cannot be resisted.

His a2 is an aoe that decreases enemy buff durations by 1 turn. It cannot be resisted on critical hits. This is quite strong for the arena.

Next is his a3 that places increase crit damage and increase crit rate for 3 turns and grants an extra turn. Very solid a3.

Finally he has a passive that makes him immune to dec atk and ignore unkillable buffs when under increase atk.

Finally onto the 2 shadowkin rares

The first is marauder, an hp based rare with an actually extremely high hp, 22k

His a1 has a 30% chance at stunning.

Is a2 is an aoe weak dec atk.

His a3 is a 50% stun chance that places a 20% shield buff on himself and a 15% reflect damage buff on all other allies.

Decent rare.

Last rare is vagabond

A1 has a 40% chance of placing a sleep debuff.

A2 has a 50% chance of placing block debuffs and increases the turn meter of this champion and the ally with the highest tm by 15%.

A3 Boosts the tm of all allies by 15% and places a 25% incrrase attack buff for 2 turns.

That is it for the new champions everyone!

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