Ashes of Creation

Hi Everyone! This is the start of our MMO endeavor and movement to a fun and easy going community within the game of AoC.

I have played many games but never had the time or opportunity to play an MMO until now! and we are not holding back!

In this 18+ community, there will be many players like myself playing Ashes for the first time, and we will be accommodating for that with our fleshed out discord and open communications and laid back approach.. FUN is the main goal.

Myself and a few other discord Officials are looking for like minded individuals/players to join us on this journey and help us blossom into something special within the community and create joy and purpose for all.

Those with experience in the MMO scene are most welcome to help guide others and will be a valuable part of our team.

Be sure to check out not only my videos, but the Official videos down below.. and feel free to jump in my Discord and give me a shout!


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