Hi Saffroneers! TheSaffronMan here..

Hope your all doing good! Would like to just take a moment and explain how this channel will be working going forward.

This is and always will be my main YouTube channel.. i have worked hard with so many people to make this happen and i am not going anywhere anytime soon.. but things are changing.

Over the last 2 years, all my unique and different ideas have been posted on this channel.. contradicting one another and confusing my community/fans as to what i do and provide on this channel..

From Raid: Shadow Legends to reactions, reviews, gameshows.. i need to streamline what i offer here.

From now on.. all my "unique" ideas, reactions etc will be on their own channels.. our family of YouTube channels which you can find links for on TheSaffronMan.com and all my new descriptions on videos..

On This channel, i will be posting entertaining Raid: Shadow Legends Content still.. but also be using this channel as a video Diary.. Talking to all my community members directly.. checking in on how we are doing, what we are up to.. keeping you all in the loop of the goings on of myself and my team.

The last few years have changed my life, but have been super stressfull also.. i am hoping that talking about all these things will help you to understand me more whilst also helping me deal with all the things life tends to throw our way.

This, is TheSaffronMan.. the Main YouTube Channel of our new network.

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